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Easier Than Pie, Banana Blueberry Galette- Vegan

Galettes are a rustic pie/ tart (pastry dough wrapped over a filling), that can be made sweet or savoury. They're a crowd pleaser for sure, and can be served as a meal, snack or tea- time hors d'oeuvres.

Here I've made a beautiful, rustic, banana and blueberry galette for a sweet treat. If you're looking for a quick dessert, this galette is perfect for you. It's super comforting, delicious and easy-to-make.

The golden brown crust has the perfect crunch, and pairs deliciously with the gooey, sweet berry filling. Serve this galette with a scoop of vegan ice cream and you've got a winning dessert. You can also customize this recipe with using your favourite berries or fruits.

See below for the full recipe and step-by-step baking demo.

Banana Berry Filling

  • 1 Cup frozen blueberries

  • 2 Cup Sliced bananas

  • 2-3 tbl coconut sugar (or any sweetener of choice)

  • 1 tsp flour or corn starch

  • 1 tsp Lemon Infused coconut oil

  • 1 cinnamon stick/ 2 tsp grounded cinnamon


  1. Add all the filling ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix to properly combine.


  • 1 1/2 Cups flour

  • 1 1/2 tbl coconut sugar

  • 1/4 tsp salt

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil

  • 1 tsp Lemon Infused Coconut Oil

  • 1/4 Cup + 1 tbl ice cold water

  • Non-dairy milk for brushing the crust


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.

  2. Add flour, sugar and salt to a mixing bowl and mix until properly combined.

  3. Pour in the coconut and lemon oil and mix again. Then pour the ice cold water and mix until a dough is formed.

  4. Lightly oil a cast iron pan or baking dish and sprinkle with flour. Then flour your hands to hold the dough and place on the pan, pressing to flatten the dough and spread to the corners. Top with the filling, spread then, fold the corners of dough over the filling. Lightly brush the crust with non dairy milk and sprinkle with sugar (optional).

  5. Pop in the oven and bake for approximately 40 minutes until the crust is golden brown.

  6. Allow to cool. Then serve. Best served with a scoop of vegan ice cream.

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