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Forward Forty Blog

"In an effort to lose weight, improve my health and frankly to stop my gluttonous ways, I became a vegan. This decision has never stopped being a conversation piece, even four years after the fact  with the most popular question at dinner being “How do I feel? 

Typically, I give people my response in two words: Freaking Fantastic!

Not only have I avoided every flu, cold or virus that has fallen many of my friends over the last few years, I also have more energy to churn out a remarkable amount of work and live more fully in the moment. The best sidekick benefit of veganism though is that my skin has never looked better..." From the article: Three recipes to veganize your day


No More Fashion Victims Blog

"Every time I say that I’m now meat free (7 months and counting!) I get bombarded with opinions. That’s fine though, I love hearing all the contributions! People have told me to expect to lose weight, poop more often (won’t this be a gift from God?), have loads more energy and a whole bunch of other lovely things. While most of it has come to pass, I still have a long way to go as I slowly wean off all animal products." .... From the article: Veganising: Things I really did not expect when I dropped meat from my diet


Trini Chow

As much as we love all the food and wine events that we attend, most days what we really want are vegetable-centric meals and healthy snacks.Enter the YOUTHFUL VEGAN CAFE a few months ago and this approach becomes easier to maintain.


Located in a bright St. James space just west of Long Circular Mall, the cafe offers "morning” and lunch menus of good-for-you vegan food like a Tofu Quiche w/Spinach & Sweet Peppers; Palak Tofu “Paneer” w/Coconut Basmati Rice;.... From the article: YOUTHFUL VEGAN CAFE (St. James, Trinidad)


Living & Loving Blog

"After a morning of running errands, we finally got the opportunity to visit “The Youthful Vegan” for brunch today. Located on Patna Street, St. James, (the road South of Long Circular Mall), on the right hand side (facing West), just before a Joe’s Pizza outlet… with opening hours of Tuesday through Friday, (from 11am – 3pm) and on Saturdays for Breakfast brunch, from (9am – 1pm). This small, yet exciting new eatery offers a cozy location to enjoy a carefully selected daily fixed menu..." From the article: New-to-me Restaurant: The Youthful Vegan

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