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Green Beans

Cleanse & Reset

– the digestive system, fat metabolism, lymphatic system,  mind, and emotions to feel your best!  

Guided by Jeunesse Pouchet, a certified Ayurvedic Health Advisor

This Holistic Cleanse

is focused on:

  • Resetting your digestive system, strengthening your immunity, and gently cleansing the body of toxic build up.

  • The waste products that your body releases can result in weight loss and enhanced vitality. It is very effective for: a fresh start, weight management, calm mind, and a rejuvenated body.


You will be provided with 5 quizzes/ assessments:

  • Ama quiz- to address toxic build-up in the body and mind.

  • Agni quiz- to address current digestive health and imbalances.

  • Ojas quiz- to assess your current state of vitality.

  • Lymph quiz- to assess if you have lymph congestion.

  • Tongue assessment- to assess toxic build up, and appearance. We will be looking for lines, cracks, discoloration, quality of saliva, and depressions on the tongue.

  • These must be completed and returned before you begin the cleanse program. After you have completed the cleanse, you will repeat this process to see your progress.

Cleanse Overview

Svastha Health


Holistic Cleanse- Reset & Rejuvenate

This holistic cleanse is a great way to learn and establish some of Ayurveda’s key lifestyle tips for daily balance, cleansing, and healing.

This cleanse will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Your mind and body should be at ease, with increased energy and vitality. You should feel cleaner, with cleaner taste buds, and enhanced intuition.

You should feel your best!

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