Our Story


The Youthful Vegan was founded in 2013 in hopes of doing something that had never been done in Trinidad: to offer people a chance to participate in a movement that helps reduce the amount of animal products and processed foods we consume. Promoting healthy eating lifestyles, that foster a greater consciousness of what we put into our bodies. Operating as a cafe for 4 years as well as catering and supplying other stores with our products and meals, we were astounded by the response as many people wanted to participate in the vegan lifestyle.

Some people expressed their desire to be kind to animals and refused to be part of hurting or killing them. Some chose to join into the vegan lifestyle as they are environmentally conscious. While others are concerned about their own personal health. For many, all of these things matter. Embracing each and every one of them with open arms and love, over time they have changed us. They have not only been loyal and supportive, they have also been a source of creativity and feedback.

In 2018 The Youthful Vegan closed its cafe doors and shifted its focus to providing plant based catering directly to customers and producing an exciting blog filled with plant based recipes and content.


With your support The Youthful Vegan will continue along its peaceful journey of good health, love and compassion.



Creativity and innovation have always been the main focus in my life. I was certified in Special Event Planning, Destination Tourism and Image Consulting. I worked in the Event Planning field for a short while before opening a Concierge and Image Consulting business, which was the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.


 After five years working in this field I needed a change. I stumbled upon a very informative video that showcased the truth about animal factory farming, highlighting the animal abuse, unsanitary conditions and negative impacts it has on the environment. [link: https://youtu.be/U5hGQDLprA8 ] This opened my eyes to something I never paid much attention to in the past. I always had a strong love for exploring and cooking different types of food and cuisines and this video stirred up a passion in me to shift my focus to create a new business to help combat these effects.The Youthful Vegan was founded honouring these principles.

Join me on this plant based lifestyle journey and with your support I look forward to the growth and development of this enterprise.



Foggy Forest
Environmental Effects of Animal Farming


Animal Farming requires vast quantities of water, energy and land use, generating massive amounts of pollution in the process. The greenhouse gases created from animal agriculture are more than from the world’s transportation system combined. Safely treating the enormous amount of excrement that is produced is another huge problem as manure ends up entering ground water, rivers and lakes with some farms spraying it into the air ultimately affecting communities with the spread of bacteria and toxins. Commercial fishing disrupts and destroys marine ecosystems killing other animals that are caught as a result.  

  • 30% of earth’s ice-free surface is used to grow food for animals

  • 8.1 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases come from Livestock

  • The land used to grow feed for cattle can be used to grow food for humans

Vegan Diets:
  • Produce almost 50% less greenhouse gases

  • Use 27% less energy

  • Occupy 42% less land

Health Benefits of Vegan Diet

The benefits of a healthy, balanced plant-based diet extend past wanting to preserve the environment and caring for the welfare of animals. Through a well-balanced vegan diet, individuals receive all the nutrients they need reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases – diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and obesity. Many people suffer from lactose intolerance and therefore eating a vegan diet, which does not include dairy, is better for your digestive system and overall health. 

It is possible to make small changes that have a big impact on your health–even if it’s just cutting out meat for 1 day every week. It is the small contributions of all persons that make the difference to not only their own overall health and well being, but that of the planet.