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Mindful Living Consultations


Let's take the steps together towards living more mindfully and in harmony with the planet and our body.


Now offering consultations providing guidance on the following:

This consultation will include an online meeting with me to discuss these topics, where I can provide guidance on simple adjustments that you can make towards living a more eco-friendly, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

- Follow-up calls and continued support available.

Connecting with your food on a deeper level:

- Cultivating a healthy relationship with your food

- Altering and refining your tastebuds to enjoy a wider range of spices and food.

- Mindful eating tips and daily mindfulness practices. 

Reducing your daily exposure to toxins:

- Guidance on choosing clean and natural skin care products.

- Minimizing the toxins in your home from chemical-based household products. 

Focusing on nutrition:

- Tips for maintaining a nutrient- dense and balanced diet.

- Simple modifications for cleaning up your diet, and making simple, nutritious, and delicious meals.

- Guidance with reading labels and choosing food products. 

- Where to shop.

Nurturing and nourishing the mind, body, and spirit:

- Daily wellness practices that keep you feeling energized throughout the day, grounded, and balanced. This comes with recommendations and referrals to some of the best yoga, breathing, meditation, sound healing, and fitness guides in Trinidad.

I love sharing my wellness journey with you. Now I would love to hear yours and assist you along your path.

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