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Cashew Coconut Barfi

Cashew Coconut Barfi - No- Cook & Easy-to-make.

💫Nutty, Creamy, Sweet and Fragrant.

💫These 🍬sweet little treats are usually shared during and around Divali🎉 celebrations. Barfi (milk cake) is usually made with milk powder, cream and sugar.

💫Here, I made a🌱 Vegan version that's quick to whip up with the same richness and similar🥛 'milky' taste as traditional Barfi minus the 🚫dairy and huge amounts of sugar- they're simply delightful.

👇🏽See below for this easy no-cook Vegan Barfi recipe and ➡️ swipe to see a step-by-step video.

Yield approx 12-16 pieces


🥄4 Cups Cashews (lightly roasted and unsalted)

🥥1/2 C Coconut Sugar or sub for Brown Sugar 

🥄1 Tbl Cardamom Powder or 4 Cardomom Pods crushed. (Adjust to taste)

🥄1/2- 1tsp Grated Ginger (optional)

🥄Pinch of Salt


💫Using a high speed blender or food processor, blend all of the ingredients together until it forms a smooth but firm paste resembling a dough that can be shaped with your hands. (If you continue to blend the mixture at this stage it will turn into cashew butter).

💫Place the dough in a baking dish and press firmly with your hands or spatula to evenly spread the barfi, approx 1/2- 1 inch thick.

💫Top with toasted 🥥coconut and let sit for an hour or more before serving. You can store the leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


"May this festival of✨ light illuminate your life in all ways" ~ Easyday

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