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How do you feel about Oatmeal?

Oats are a wholesome base for adding a variety of nutritious and delicious ingredients.

*Making meals from as much whole foods as possible is key for maintaining a healthy- balanced vegan died.

*We should be aware of what we are eating, and that does not mean being super strict with ourselves, but instead being mindful about what we choose to eat. Reading ingredient labels are most important for making conscious choices about the food we eat.

*This scrumptious bowl of Oats is quick to make, filling, and nutritious.

Banana-Berry Oats

In a small pot, bring water and a cinnamon stick to a gentle boil. Add oats and chiquito banana, then simmer on low until the Oats are thick and have absorbed most of the water. Mash the banana in the oats, fluff with a fork, then remove from heat. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve top with Organic Wild Berry preserves (refined sugar free), Cocoa nibs, and freeze-dried pineapple (refined sugar free)

'Peek Into My Pantry' for more tips on stocking your kitchen with wholefoods:

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