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Peppermint Chocolate Kale Smoothie Bowl- Refreshing & Decadent

A Minty, healthy, decadent and refreshing breakfast!

This smoothie bowl contains everything you need for a nutritious start to your day.

Mint is packed with many antioxidants and promotes healthy digestion, and Kale is loaded with vitamin k, C and iron.

See below for this easy, healthy breakfast recipe.


  • 3 Frozen Bananas

  • 1/3 Cup Kale

  • 6 Mint Leaves

  • 2 tsp Mini Chocolate Chips- I used

  • 2- 3 Chocolate Peppermint Patties- I used @jbchocolates.


  1. Using a high speed blender, blend the frozen bananas, kale and mint leaves until smooth and creamy.

  2. To serve, pour the smoothie into a bowl and top with chocolate chips, fresh mint leaves and peppermint patties.

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