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My Favourite Kitchen Appliances- Vegan cooking made easy

Finding the right kitchen appliances can make meal prep, and cooking nutritious and delicious meals a lot easier.

Here's a line up of my favourite and most used kitchen appliances.

Vita- prep by Vitamix

This high powdered blender is the best blender on the market (in my opnion) it can make anything from nut butters, smoothies, thick sauces, nice creams and much more.

Ninja Food Processor

This is always my go-to machine for making smoothies, small batches of sauces, oat flour, protein bites, mincing seasonings and much more. I use this one the most frequently.

Oster Immersion Blender

For quickly Blending sauces and soups directly in the pot, or making puddings and smoothies. This one is perfect for picky-eaters because, you can blend a variety of cooked veggies into pasta sauces, pies, desserts and many of your favouirte meals.

Cuisinart Food Processor

My go-to for making big batches of energy bites, cookie batter, sliced or shredded vegetables, nut butters, ground nuts, pie doughs, Oat flour, seasonings and more.

Oster Juicer

I love how small and neat this juicer is. It's ideal for juicing fresh oranges, potugals and grapefruits. The cleanup is easy too.

Hamilton Beach Saladxpress

My favoruite for shredding, chopping and slicing veggies and cheese. This is my go to for making salads, Cole slaws, cheese paste and more. I'm always shredding up slaws for the kids. They absolutely love Cole slaw. It's one of my favourites too and this machine makes it super easy to shred a variety of colorful veggies for making nutritious slaws.

These machines were some of the best investments i made for my kitchen.

The Vita prep, Cuisinart, ninja and immersion blender have been with me for 7 years now and they haven't failed me yet. They've made it from my cafe and back to my home (so ya know they've done a lot of work).

What's your favourite kitchen appliances?

Share with us in the comments.

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