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Banana Bread French Toast

Updated: May 18, 2020

TGIF! Time to treat yourself to a decadent and delicious breakfast.

You can turn your leftover bread into French toast. I used my banana bread (See recipe here: to toast for warm crusty slices that were gooey in the center. With caramelized apple to top them off.

Variation below for using alternative bread.

Yield 2 Servings

French Toast


  • 6 slices Banana bread

  • 3 Tbl vegan butter or coocnut oil

1. Refrigerate your banana bread before using.

2. Cut the bread into thick 1 1/2 inch slices. 3. Coat your griddle or pan with 1 Tbl vegan butter or oil.

4. Add 3 slices of banana bread and toast until golden brown and crispy on edges. Evenly on each side.

5. Flip, plate and drizzle with your favourite syrup.

Recipe variation: If you don't have banana bread on hand. Use the recipe below for simple french toast using any leftover bread you have.


  • 6 Slices wholesome bread

  • 3 Tbl vegan butter or coconut oil

  • Batter

  • 2 Bananas (frozen or fresh)

  • 3/4 C Non dairy milk of choice

  • 2 tsp Vanilla bean paste or extract

  • 1/2 tsp Salt


1. Blend all batter ingredients in a food processor or blender .

2. Pour into a deep flat dish.

3. Dunk bread in the batter. Evenly coating each side for a few seconds.

4. Heat 1 Tbl butter or oil to pan or griddle.

5. Place your battered bread on medium heated pan for a few minutes on each side until golden brown.

6. Plate and serve with your favourite syrup.

When you make this recipe, share on social media and tag @youthful_vegan so I can see! Use the hashtags #YVpickyeaterscollection and #YVfrenchtoast in your post!

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