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Creating Balance

I believe that balance is the key to a healthy diet and lifestyle; focusing on nutrition and wellness, while having fun with our food and indulging from time to time.

I always knew that the food we consume can define the health of our bodies, but I can definitely say that this was something I never paid much attention to. I guess I always thought that moderation was key versus the type or quality of food i was consuming.

I am not a nutritionist. However, through my experience and learning of the negative effects of meat, dairy and processed ingredients in our bodies, it made me want to focus on creating balanced meals for my family and others. Food that is nutritious, but still super satisfying.

A good practice for creating balance with our diet; eating homemade meals and snacks where you can control or consciously choose the ingredients added to your food, and by recreating your favourite dishes using wholesome ingredients. This can be achieved by selecting whole foods, healthy fats, and natural sweeteners as much as possible.

Although we all need convenience and "junk food" at times, I believe that we can maintain balance by limiting the frequency of times we indulge versus how much we eat. The goal being; to focus on the quality of our food versus the quantity.

What are some of your tips for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet?

Please share with us in the comments below.

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