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Altering the way we view and think about food- Embracing Veganism

When it comes to the word Vegan; there's a lot of stigmas attached to it & sometimes even ridicule. I've faced it many times. The comments, jokes & even scorn towards vegan food. Although I may partake in some of them, because they're funny. The concept can be mind boggling.

I've never made fun of vegetarians or anyone for their dietary choices. I think deep down inside I never liked the thought of eating 🐓animals. I was never "adventurous" with trying a variety of meats. E.g. I would have never eaten 🐇rabbit or 🐷pork, & even when I ate meat it all seemed strange to me. In my mind when I thought of that animal & what they looked like, I simply could not get myself to eat it. However, eating chicken, beef, fish & lamb were normal. Somehow I could get pass these.

It's all about how we were nurtured, & what was thought to be normal or "unpleasant" looking food.

Over the years I've gotten many questions & concerns about the taste of vegan food. Does it taste like regular food? How does it compare to meat? Do you miss meat?

My answers to these:

🌱Vegan food is not very different to "regular' food. Most of us already eat a variety of vegetables and fruits & have probably eaten many vegan meals, especially living in Trinidad & Tobago🇹🇹. However, I have realized the term "vegan" can be confusing & seem like something very different.

🌱Vegan food can be just as satisfying & delicious as meals that contain meat & dairy. This can be achieved by cooking with wholesome & unprocessed foods, & simply altering some of your favouite dishes to vegan versions. They're also lots of dairy & meat substitutes on the market now, that can assist you in transitioning. You can find lots of recipes on my blog for veganizing some classic meals.

Do I miss meat?

🌱No I don't. And the reason is simply because I have altered my views on food. After learning of the negative affects of meat & dairy on our planet & bodies. The thought of meat & animal flesh is no longer appealing to me, & I do not want it to be a part of my body. I haven't eaten meat in over 8 years & I have felt & seen the changes in my body from not consuming it. It's been one of the best changes in my life.💚

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I'm sincerely grateful for your perspective; it's been incredibly beneficial. Lately, I've been pondering the idea of going vegan, and your advice has dig me towards embracing a diet rich in greens. There's this intriguing blog article I stumbled upon that might pique your interest if you're seeking more vegan motivation.

Mi piace
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